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Jono creates a drudging feeling of dirge like sentiment - Julia creates weird experimental sounds varying from beautiful to harsh - together - like a lover's quarrel the two produce a complex drilling of processed sounds and scattered harshness - a period of sudden recovery to a long night of betrayal, pll.slotat is like the make up sex so revered yet so rare! Microwave Windows blasts across the boom box like it won't stop - Cambative Manatee - like the gentle giant stuck in a room full of antiques so fragile by the time its over you know everything will be broken with blood hanging from the edges. Limited to 30 tapes. No Murder is the merciless repenting on soiled ground


released June 21, 2011

artwork by legendary Adam Douglas ( www.adamdouglasarts.com ).


all rights reserved



I had An Accident Spokane, Washington

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